About Me

My name is Mabel and I reside in New York City. Welcome to my blog!


I am 2005 graduate of the University at Albany school of business where I completed a Bachelor of Science degree in finance and business administration. My love for the stock market emerged during a class my senior year of college called “investment analysis”. However, I didn't actually start investing in the stock market until a few years later. I’ve been investing in individual stocks since 2008 and actually started my journey right in the middle of the financial crisis. Investing is truly a passion of mine and I enjoy researching companies and making “profitable educated investments”, as I like to call them.

I also attended business school in NYC. In May of 2014 I finished an MBA degree with a concentration in finance and entrepreneurship (with Honors! :). 

As a part time graduate student, it took me about four years to earn my degree. This is something I am very proud of. I am very excited for the path my life has taken since graduation and looking forward to what’s to come. 

I am currently the Founder and CEO of a stock market investing education company and an author of investing books for beginners. You can check out my Amazon bestseller here. 

My Investing Philosophy & Role of the Blog:

I strongly believe that learning to invest should be a skill that everyone should posses. I am an advocate of stock market investing education and feel this is something that should be taught in schools. I also feel it is a personal life mission of mine to teach as many people as I can and get them interested in this area, especially females, considering we are very underrepresented in the finance and investing field.

I consider myself a long term value investor and hold the majority of my stocks for an average of 3-5 years and beyond. This blog is my personal space where I share everything I know about investing- everything from what is a stock all the way to commentaries on stocks I own and how I analyze companies for potential investments. As an voracious reader, I also share reviews on personal finance and investing books I read from time to time. As previously mentioned, I am constantly learning and this blog provides me with a space to share my knowledge with the world as well as learn from others.

I have many goals and dreams—one very ambitious goals is to one day become one of the world’s best female investor. Lets see if we can make that dream come true. Follow me on this journey and thank you for stopping by.

Remember-- This blog is for YOU so if there is anything you’d like to see here, please send me an email: teachmetoinvest@gmail.com.

Thanks for visiting and cheers to profits!


Mabel Nunez, MBA