Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Stocks I Bought in 2015, Why I Bought Them, And How They Are Doing

As an investor (not a trader) I usually hold the stocks I buy for at least 3-5 years or longer. For that reason, I am very careful with the companies I add to my portfolio and make sure that I carry out a good amount of research & due diligence before I become a "part owner" of a business (buy shares of stock).

Below is a rundown of my investing year in 2015 - what I bought, why I bought, and performance so far.

What I bought

In checking my transactions for 2015, I added the following companies to my portfolio:

Facebook (NASDAQ: FB)
Coca Cola (NYSE: KO)
Activision Blizzard (NASDAQ: ATVI) which is a stock I actually added to a family member's portfolio. 

For the majority of the above purchases, I wrote a blog posts for the reasons why I bought the stock (or re-started a position). As I have said before, it is very important for investors to understand the WHY of buying a particular stock. I believe in the power of writing down our original thesis so that, if anything changes with the stock in the future (i.e.:. the original thesis changes in any way). We can make educated decisions on what to do with the stock - either keep it in our portfolios for continued growth or sell and move on to something else.

Why I bought 

Below is a quick summary of why I bought each stock. I have included the link to the full "investing thesis" post  in case you'd like to read the 'elaborated version' of the reasons why I bought each one:


I used to be a shareholder of Apple for several years starting around 2009 but sold at some point in 2012, some time after Steve Jobs passed away because I wasn't sure where the company would be headed after its "mastermind" left us.  It also didn't help that the stock went on a downward spiral and I watched my shares go from $700+ down in to the $500 range, which is when I decided to 'pull the plug'. Had I held on to those shares, I would have come up on top regardless (as they say, hindsight is always 20/20). I re-started a position in Apple in 2015 and there is no hiding that the stock has been struggling. However, my thesis for buying shares remains intact as the company remains a leader and cash flow continues to grow, among other reasons. Although the performance of the stock itself has been less than stellar, I am holding on for the time being. 

When Facebook went public in 2012, I was SUPER skeptical of how exactly the business would make money for shareholders and definitely stayed away for some time. After a good amount of research (and checking out some of the awesome results the company started to report some time after it  became public); I decided to add some shares to my portfolio in 2015. What a ride its been! I want to say Facebook has been the best performer among my recent buys. Keeping an eye on developments to make sure it stays that way!

I heard about Activision Blizzard after checking out some stock recommendations by the Motley Fool (an awesome website I follow for investing ideas). Although I am not a gamer and have never played "call of duty" or "World of Warcraft" in my life, I am well aware that this is a billion dollar industry. And so, I put pen to paper and after completing my own due diligence, I got some shares for my sister's portfolio (she is in to games and so I try to add companies to her portfolio that are in par with her interests!). So far the investment has been doing great. Very happy with the results although, as always, I make sure to keep an eye on developments to make sure the company remains as successful as it has been. 

I have an "on again" "off again" relationship with Coca Cola stock. The price has remained stagnant trading at $37-$43 a share for several years! During a dip in 2015, the stock went down to its "average low" of around $37 per share at which time I decided to pick up some shares for the portfolio. Considering I watch the stock constantly, I am pretty familiar with the price movements within the stock. So far its been doing pretty good as well and its trading around its high of~$43 a share. 

Performance So Far

I have to say most of the stocks have performed well with the exception of apple, below is the percentage returns so far on those purchases (since added to the portfolio), from the highest to the lowest:

Facebook (FB): ↑33.47%

Activision Blizzard (ATVI): ↑23.14%

Coca Cola (KO): ↑8.93%

Apple (AAPL): ↓13.80%

And that's all folks! Hope you enjoyed this post. I apologize for the delay as I meant to write this one several months ago but better late than never! Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below. Would love to read about your recent purchases and how they've been doing so far. 

Have a great day and Cheers to profits!

**Remember to never invest or cease to invest based on any of the information provided in my blog posts! Always be sure to do your own due diligence. The market is unpredictable and there are no guarantees. posts are simply for educational purposes.