Saturday, July 18, 2015

Poscasts that are worth your time: Personal Finance, Investing, and Entrepreneurship

I’ve been a fan of personal development audio books for a very long time. However, I’d say it wasn’t until around ~2011 that I discovered podcasts and, with that, a whole new dimension of educational and motivating audio tools.

Fast forward 2015, this year, I have become a 'super fan' of podcasts. Although I’ve given many a try, I only listen to a very selected few, becoming a very loyal and committed listener. 

Whether the podcast is daily, weekly, or something in between -- all I can tell you is that I’ve listened to nearly all episodes of the ones I am about to share with you and always look forward to more. They provide me with so much value and I always come away with nugget(s) of wisdom. I rarely ever feel like I wasted my time.

Without further ‘ado, here are the top podcasts in my life right now (and which I would highly recommend):

Personal Finance

‘So Money’ Farnoosh Torabi

I've been a fan of Farnoosh ever since she had a show called “Bank of Mom and Dad” back in 2009. I then kind of followed her career and would watch her episodes on Yahoo! Finance where she hosted a series called “Financially Fit” (if I remember correctly).

She launched ‘So Money’ at the beginning of this year and I absolutely love the show. It comes on daily, Sunday-Monday (on weekends she answers questions from listeners). The guest she brings to the show are all entrepreneurs (about 80-90% of them) making an awesome living for themselves.

Although the questions to the guest are focused around the topic of personal finance, it also leaves room for them to talk about successes, failures, advise, and everything in between. The show is super inspirational {her very first guest was Tony Robbins!) I don’t know how else to explain it. I don’t miss an episode. Check it out. 


Motley Fool -- Market Foolery, Motley Fool Money, Industry Focus, Rule Breaker Investing

Is no surprise that I am a huge fan of the Motley Fool and have been for nearly a decade. I first came across The Fool via their articles on Yahoo! Finance and as soon as I discovered they had a podcast (circa 2011/2012 or so) I was hooked. 

My #1 go-to podcast has always been Market Foolery for quite some time now. What I like about the show is that they ‘digest’ daily events (Mon-Thurs) that happen in the world of individual stocks in simple and straight forward ways that anyone can understand. Anyone passionate about investing (or looking to learn) would love this show. 

Motley Fool Money is a similar version of Market Foolery but is a longer podcast (~50 mins or so) in addition to talking about current events from the whole week, they usually also have a ‘bonus’ interview with a guest. 

Industry Focus is a daily podcast and everyday they talk about a different industry – Financials, Energy, Health Care, Consumer Goods – my favorite episodes are usually financials and consumer goods. 

Finally, there is a brand new podcast they recently launched: Rule Breaker Investing with host Dave Gardner (one of the Fool founders). Have you ever wished you would have bought shares in Amazon, Apple, and  Google soon after they became publicly traded? Well, this is the podcast for you. It is quickly becoming a favorite. Talking about this awesome podcast wouldn’t do It justice. Please set aside 10-15 minutes of your time this weekend and listen for yourself.


Entrepreneur on Fire – John Lee Dumas

I came across this podcast at some point last summer when I was living in Washington, DC. I became a fan almost immediately. The show comes on daily and provides us with a daily dose of motivation. The host interviews very successful entrepreneurs (people making over 6 figures in very creative ways) and gets inside their heads to make them share all- pretty much no question is off limits. I love John's interviewing style and positive attitude with interviewers. He also takes the time to talk about his own experiences and opinions on various topics. 

He immediately asks guess HOW they make their money and is not afraid to get ‘intrusive’ (for lack of a better word). Gotta’ love it. This is yet another super inspirational podcast. Unless all ~900+ of his guest are lying about how they make a living, I have concluded that if all those people can do it, I am no exception.


And that’s all folks. Those are the podcasts I listen to regularly and I have to admit I have gotten and continue to get GREAT value from the content. They all cover topics I am passionate about –Investing and Entrepreneurship being at the top of the list.

Its been a while since I wanted to share this post with everyone. Glad I finally got around to doing so. I encourage you to download a few (or all) of the podcast, listen for yourself, and let me know what you think!

Have a healthy and productive weekend. 

Cheers to profits,