Thursday, April 9, 2015

From Apple to Visa and everything in between: Earnings Report Dates for stocks in my portfolio (updated)

Hello my fellow investors and soon-to-be investors,

As I recently exclaimed on twitter:

 Earnings season started last night with the unofficial kick off by Alcoa ($AA). As it is the norm each earnings season, and as I explained in this post, I like this time of year because it gives me a chance to see how the companies in my portfolio have been doing in the past three months as well as take a peek at the performance of stocks in my watchlist.

I have previously made it quite clear that I completely understand that there is not much a company can do in three short months and it doesn't make or break my decisions. However, I like to keep a close eye on quarter over quarter trends in order to ensure my stocks remain in the right track. Being a long term investor doesn't mean we just "set it and forget it". In my personal opinion, it is wise to remain alert of any strategic developments, internal changes within the company, growth (or lack thereof), and the list goes on. A look at quarter over quarter earnings gives us a nice glimpse of all that. 

For the companies on my list- I'll try to listen to some of the calls live while for other's I'll simply read the transcript. Either way I'll keep informed and if I come across anything interesting will make sure to share with you all.

Below are the dates for the stocks in my portfolio as well as the portfolios I manage:

Company Ticker Earnings Announcement
Apple AAPL 4/27/2015
Coach COH 4/28/2015
Colgate CL 4/30/2015
Coca Cola KO 4/22/2015
Disney DIS 5/05/2015
Google GOOGL/GOOG              04/23/15
Johnson & Johnson JNJ 4/14/2015
Mastercard MA 4/29/2015
MMM (3M) MMM 4/23/2015
New York &Company NWY                  5/20/15-5/26/15*
Nike NKE                  6/24/15-6/29/15*
Procter & Gamble PG                             4/23/2015
Starbucks SBUX 4/23/2015
Visa V 4/30/2015

And here are the dates for a few of the companies in my watch list:

Company Ticker    Earnings Announcement
Skyworks Solutions SWKS                              4/30/2015
Gilead Sciences GILD 4/30/2015
Qualcomm QCOM 4/22/2015
Hershey HSY 4/23/2015

**Asterisk represent tentative dates.

For my beginner investors--if you have any questions whatsoever about what this means, feel free to email me at or comment below.

Thanks for reading and cheers to profits!