Saturday, January 3, 2015

My 2015 Investing Objectives

Hello my dear readers!

Welcome to the very first T.M.T.I post of 2015! I am here to share some objectives I have in this new year specifically related the enhancement of my investment knowledge, being able to share what I learn with others, as well as the growth of my personal investment portfolio. Without further 'ado, here are the top five:

1. Learn how to trade options (specifically two types): I recently read an incredible book specifically targeted to women and options investing (full book review coming soon). I've been an investor of individual stocks since 2008, and is something I  absolutely love and truly enjoy. However, it has always been an idea of mine to eventually branch out in to other forms of investing or at the very least educate myself enough about it to decide whether or not is something I'd want to continue doing. The book focuses on two forms of "options for income" which include selling puts and writing covered calls. Hopefully I can master both or at least one of them. I'll share my "adventures" in learning. I plan to use my papermoney account (aka fake money) on TDAmeritrade while I learn. 

2. Read more investing books and become a 'regular' reader of the Wall Street Journal: I've been picking up the wall street journal at my local library but I recently got myself a membership which I am super excited about. Besides that, books on my radar to complete this year include the following: Flash Boys, The Big Short, Liars Poker, The Smartest Guys in The Room. 

3. Add more money to my brokerage accounts: I want to be able to transfer a good chunk of my salary for investing purposes. I'd like to have new money ready to go as I search or come across solid investment opportunities. And that brings me to my next objective.

4. Start a 'fresh' watch list of stocks: I'd like to take my list a step further by  also including reasons why the stock is on my 'radar' (sort of like a mini investment thesis) and keep the list updated throughout the year. Will start by taking a look at my current list (which is about two years old) and updating it by deleting stocks I've already invested in or those that no longer fit my criteria.

5. Give back to my community via education:  I will be volunteering my time even more in sharing what I know about personal finance and investing. I am already an active member of a non-profit organization here in New York City which has a purpose of teaching personal finance and investing to high school students. I will be taking this one step further by also volunteering at a friend's after school program to teach about stock market investing to students and staff. If given the opportunity, I want to do a similar program within my own community targeted to women and investing. One day when I've made a good amount in the market (maybe my first million) I've already made a personal commitment to give back financially to organization(s) that are close to my heart. That's more of a future objective I would love to carry out. :)

...and that's all folks. Thank you for reading. Cheers to a prosperous 2015!

Do you have any personal investing objectives (or resolutions) for this new year? Would love to hear about it!