Sunday, November 2, 2014

Stocks I'll have my eye on for November 2014

Happy first Monday of November. Hope we've all managed to make it to work on time. I am personally thankful for that extra hour of sleep!

But anyways, I was recently inspired by this post and so I decided to write my own list of companies I will be keeping my eye on during the month of November. These are companies where I am hoping to own shares. Welcome to Mabel's watch list.

When would I buy? Well, I'll let you in to this little secret-- the perfect times for me to buy shares in a company is when the entire stock market is panicking about some macro-economic news that has absolutely nothing to do with a specific company. When wall street is busy panicking and selling off left and right, that's when I like to come in and take advantage of nice discounts. So, lets see if anything like that happens this month.

Without giving you any heavy financial stuff; I'd like to keep this post light with simply fundamental reasons as of why I would like to invest in each of the companies below. As a general rule, please know I've done my research and know that these are companies that are either highly profitable already or are doing a phenomenal job positioning themselves to be very profitable at some point in the future. So, without further 'ado here are the companies I am keeping me eyes on:

Amazon {AMZN}: I wrote a post about this company recently and the reasons why it is on my watch list. If you missed it, check it out here. I am actually disappointed at the fact I didn't pick up shares after their recent earnings announcement. Once again amazon disappointed on earnings and so there was a very heavy sell off bringing this stock down to around $284, a price I had not seen in a very long time. Unfortunately (for me), institutional investors apparently came back to their senses on how  amazing this company truly is and the stock is back over at above the $300 mark. I feel about amazon just like I felt about Google when I purchased shares 6 years ago; that this is a company that will be sticking around for many, many years. I truly believe that patient investors will have a nice pay off in the future. I believe that CEO Jeff Bezos knows exactly what he is doing with his strategy and the fact that he is taking a loss on services is all part of the "master plan" to take over the world. Patience is key with amazon. This company goes under my "visionary" category. Lets see if I can get it at a discount at some point this month. Otherwise, I'll have to wait it out.

Apple {AAPL}: I owned shares of Apple for about 4 years. It was actually one of the first companies I invested in when I first got started in the stock market. This company blew the ball out of the park for my personal portfolio and I can say I owned it when it reached $705! It was my gem for a very long time. Unfortunaly when the stock price started tumbling down a couple of years ago; I sold my shares. I wanted to buy shares immediately after the split at the beginning of this year but didnt buy and missed my chance to get shares in the ~$95 range. Lets see if something happens that can allow me to get this one. I would consider starting a position again if the price goes under $98 or so.

The TJX Companies, Inc. {TJX}: I never owned shares in TJ Maxx but I am a regular customer of ALL of its stores. My mother is completely and utterly obsessed with Marshalls, TJ Maxx and home goods. She is a true "Maxxinista". And honestly, who wouldn't be obsessed?! Getting in-season articles of clothing or furniture and everything in between for a deep discount is surely a deal no women (and many man) would not pass on! Some may be skeptical about the fact that TJX stores are brick and mortar and may get eaten alive by competition from online retailers. However, from studying this company closely I came to understand the business model this company possesses is very clever, hard to beat, and somewhat difficult to imitate. In addition, the experience of actually leaving your home and going out to shop and browse around is very much alive and well. This is a phenomenal company. The thought that I could have purchased shares when it was trading in the ~$50 range makes me feel like I missed out. As I type this post; the stock is trading at $63.32. I would be willing to buy shares if the price goes under $59 but the way this company is performing I am not sure if I'll see those numbers. But lets see what happens. 

Berkshire Hathaway Inc. B-shares {BRK-B}: Are you familiar with Warren Buffet? Well, he is my virtual mentor (he just doesn't know it yet) and one of the best investors of all time. Often recognized as the "best investor of the 20th century". He has this little company called Berkshire Hathaway for which he has two different classes of shares. Class A-Shares are currently worth $210,000 (yes, you read that right). That's actually a tad bit rich for my blood. Thankfully he also offers Class-B shares of his company for a more affordable price of $139 (price as I type this post). Owning BRK-B shares will allow me to be part owner of multiple successful companies under the Berkshire Hathaway umbrella including Geico insurance, Heinz ketchup, Brooks running, See's candy, among several others. See full list here. Warren Buffet is known for his advanced experience in investing in solid, profitable companies and we get to be part {and profit} from his wisdom by owning shares in this great company. Price is obviously high but not if we look at it as a "long term" investor. And definitely super cheap if we consider that one day class B shares may also reach the $200K mark. I'd be willing to buy shares around $130. Keeping my eyes open for a discount. 

And that is my list for now. New months are always exciting times for me as I see it as a chance for new beginnings, new adventures, and new experiences. Lets see what the market brings for us this upcoming month. I also cannot believe the year will be over soon. Lets make the best out of the remainder 2 months. Any goals in the back burner? Why not start taking steps today? is never too late.

Tell me, any companies you have the eye on for this month? Any comments or questions on the ones listed? Let me know.

Thank you for reading!

Cheers to profits,