Thursday, November 7, 2013

Twitter: The IPO!

As I made my way to work this morning I passed by this beautiful billboard:


Yes. Today is the day that Twitter becomes an IPO and joins the ranks of the NYSE as a publicly traded company under ticker symbol TWTR. To say that I am excited and that I live for days like this (where companies I am familiar with and which products/services I use becomes public) is an understatement!!

As the ‘conservative’ investor that I can be at times. I wont be participating in this IPO and don’t plan to buy any shares. I feel that twitter is in fact a great company with great potential. However, it is still not clear to me how they will be able to generate sustainable and consistent profits for stock holders.

For those that got in early enough—congratulations! The stock started trading at around $26 and is now up to $46.37 (as I type this)--- which is outstanding! However, whether this is simply an “excitement bubble” or a sustainable price increase, is yet to be seen.  Lets hope for the best.
...And perhaps this is the perfect time to remind my dear blog followers that you can also follow me on twitter at @teachmetoinvest.

Cheers to twitter and congratulations on this new exciting chapter for your business!